day 177 – cast on

casting on


i’m impressed by the act of knitting.  i asked the kid to cast on for me so i could take a photo.  knitting it too complicated for me and i don’t get it. mentally,  the comprehension is not there, but she does well with it.  she’s no longer an avid knitter, but i wish she would get back into it.

4 thoughts on “day 177 – cast on

  1. Val, thanks for leaving the link to ‘cast on’ because I had no idea what that was?!

    I never got into knitting myself, however I did try needlepoint and making latch hook rugs. But the funny thing about it is that I would start them, yet NEVER finished them.

    I hear from people who knit, that to them it’s a form of relaxation and sorta like a mediation.

    Great photo! Love the color of the yarn!!!


    • v says:

      evening, ron. you’re welcome. i didn’t know what it was until she told me some years ago either.

      i can’t knit at all. too complicated and my brain refuses to create new neural pathways. kids should do and be taught everything while they are young. so much easier to learn. when one reaches my age, it’s like what? do what?

      i have done the latch hook rugs but it’s been a long while since then.

      yes, i can see how it is relaxing. the cat and i watch her knit (when she does) like we are hypnotized.


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