day 181 – tiger lillies

tiger lillies


i wish i would have seen these flowers out back before they started to wither, but they’re fine for one last photo op.

4 thoughts on “day 181 – tiger lillies

  1. WOW….what a GORGEOUS shot, Val!!!!! The colors and clarity are spectacular! And of course, I always enjoy when I see your soft focus backgrounds.

    And thanks for mentioning the name of this flower because I’ve seen them around town, but had no idea what they were called.

    Just lovely!

    Hope you had a great weekend, girl. The humidity was much lower today – thank heavens.


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i’ve seen this flower in several colors and i don’t even think this one is my favorite, but that’s all that was out there. ha!

      i didn’t know the name of this flower. i forgot and i asked the kid and SHE told me. i was like, oh yeah, that is the name of it. she also answers jeopardy questions, not more than me, but it won’t be long. guess it’s time for me to pass my brain along. it’s tired. 😉

      my weekend was a weakend. hahahahah.

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