day 182 – dancers



i used to wear a lot of pins with my suits, but something changed over the years. i no longer like poking holes through my clothes so i don’t wear them as much.  this one was given to me and is still one of my favorites.


4 thoughts on “day 182 – dancers

  1. Val, when your photo first loaded, I thought that it was a sculpture of two people dancing.

    How cool….it’s a PIN!

    And I’m curious to know how you took this shot. Did you place the pin in front of a piece of black velvet or a piece of black paper?

    However you did it, it’s great!

    And it’s ironic you mentioned that you once wore pins because my mother LOVED pins as well. So when I went to Florida for her memorial last November, I brought three pins back to Philly and gave them to two of the women I work with because they were so good to me while I was gone from work for two weeks. Also, I thought it would be cool for them to have something from my mother as a remembrance.

    Great capture, girl!!!!

    Have a super evening!


    • v says:

      greetings, ron. yes, pin IN the piece of black velvet. i supposed i could have cleaned the velvet some.

      that’s a really sweet thing you did giving your coworkers one of your mom’s pins. that’s special, wow. speaks volumes.


    • v says:

      Nope, Mel. It’s a pin. I haven’t worn it in forever. I know the holes won’t show, just hate piercing my clothes.

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