day 192 – trauma unit

trauma unit

today i spent 13 hours in the hospital waiting room sitting with my friend while her son had surgery and i’m exhausted.  the good news is he’s fine though he has a long road to recovery.


7 thoughts on “day 192 – trauma unit

  1. You’re a good friend, Val. And I bet it helped your friend tremendously that you were there with her for support.

    Sending good vibes and prayers to both your friend and her son.

    Yup, I bet you are exhausted.

    Night, night…


    • v says:

      😉 thanks, ron. i try to be a good friend. her family has been through it and i do admire that she has not burned down america like i might want to do if anyone hurt my child. he was attacked and beaten unfortunately.

      appreciate the good vibes.

      yeah i less tired today, but i need some bed time and it’s coming in a minute.


  2. Oh shit. I’m glad he’s okay – for now – and I am wishing him a speedy recovery even though you said he has a long road ahead of him. And you’re a good friend for staying with her – I’m sure she needed your support.

    • v says:

      yes, he has a LONG road to recovery, but we hope his brain will repair itself. it’s just a horrible shame. nice young man, always called me miss valerie (he’s 23) and an overall good person.

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