day 196 – grand central station

grand central station

i met up with ron today in NY and we had a great time (at least i hope you did ron and i didn’t bore you to death. if i did can you pretend and fake the funk for me?)  i was in NY so i was as happy as a pig in slop. the city can be loud and at the same time so peaceful. i can sit on a bench or walk around for hours and have the best time ever.  we did a lot of walking and ducked into stores with air conditioning as necessary.  this is a photo of grand central station, a place i have always wanted to visit, but never have until today. i love this shot and the man in the middle with the white hat.  thanks, ron for keeping me company. we must meet again.  we will meet again.


8 thoughts on “day 196 – grand central station

  1. Okay, this shot came out FAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS, Val!!!

    Love the ‘blur’ of the people walking through the station! And also the man with white hat in standing there in the middle. I didn’t even SEE him standing there while we were taking photos. So, now I have to go through mine and see if he’s there as well.

    And YES…I had the most AWESOME with you today, in spite of the horrendous heat. You and I share the same kinship with that city, so it was a JOY experience with you!

    And yup….we most definitely have to do this again!

    Have a super week, girl. And thanks again for a superb day!

    ((((((( You ))))))))


    • v says:

      good morning, ron! thanks. i like it a lot and it’s just the shot i’ve been wanting to capture. is GCS not awesome! now that i almost know where it is, i will be going back.

      i love the man with the white hat in the photo. he stayed still long enough for him to be the focal point in the image. in other photos i have of him two people (probably the ones he was looking for) joined him.

      it was hot, but we did good ducking into stores and planting out bottom in chairs to cool off.

      yep, later in the month, we’ll go back (and purchase that TV we saw). enjoy the week too.

  2. I thought you meant the man in the white hat was Ron…..and I was looking at it thinking, Ron has grown! Hahaha! Great pic and I look forward to more!

    • v says:

      hey bijoux and welcome to my humble blog. can you imagine ron in that outfit and that hat? not me, but that would be site to behold.

      thanks for stopping by. i will be posting more somewhere, probably on flickr.

    • v says:

      hey meleah. hehehe, made me chuckle. i will take that as a compliment. i totally love photos like this. with a neutral density filter and more time, i could make the people completely disappear. maybe i’ll have to try that the next time i go there.

      hey ron!

    • v says:

      thanks xpat92! 0.6 at 7.1. additional exif data can be found here. i’m thankful for the guy in blue, he adds so much to the photo.

      grand central station

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