day 197 – i love NY

i love NY

i bought this sporty t-shirt yesterday while in the city (ron found it for me and he knows my taste. thanks ron). i love the cut, the v-neck and the sleeves. it’s complementary to my deceitful upper body shape and they had it in my size, an XL. there’s only one problem. it doesn’t fit. the darn thing is too tight for me.  either i have to lose weight or lose weight to wear it. it may not look tight, but trust and believe, it’s tight and i don’t want that kind of attention.  i’m giving it to the kid who is not a fan of NY, but is a fan of my money so she’ll wear it. i’ll be in the city next week and will have an opportunity to buy another one, hopefully in the same style. i don’t like men t-shirts at all.    

6 thoughts on “day 197 – i love NY

  1. My daughter bought that same shirt, only in a hot pink color when we were there two yrs ago. And it’s so freaking tight on her! She’s only about 5’3 and fairly petite and it was a medium, which is usually big on her.

    • v says:

      hi bijoux. i thought the shirt would be okay, but after putting it on, whoa! not me. obviously, they run small. not sure i’ll be able to find one in my size and i’ll end up with the man’s t-shirt. womp, womp, womp.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    It’s nice to know you & your blog. I came via Ron’s blog.
    It is always dissapointing to get a clothing purchase wrong. I have been there.
    Better luck next time.

    • v says:

      greetings xpat92, thanks for coming over from ron’s blog. yes it is disappointing and normally i try on when i can, but there was no dressing room. at least now i know. my kid can wear it, but she’s not a fan of NY. i’ll forgive her anyway.

  3. Okay, I must be crazy but I think it looks faaaaabulous on you, Val!

    And I am so smiling because I’m remembering our GREAT time in NYC last Monday!

    Yup, this week you’ll have the opportunity to get another one when we go back.

    Can’t wait!!!!!


    • v says:

      ron, i do like the shirt and it looks good on me, but it’s just a wee bit too tight. i’m stretching out the fabric and i feel like i could rip the shirt. now if i got down to 146 like i was, i could wear it, but i don’t think i’m 146 anymore. haven’t been on the scale, but i’m in the 150s, i think. my kid doesn’t like NY and when i gave her the shirt she was like i don’t even like NY and i told her NOT to say that. shame on her! i really don’t want her to wear it because she’s not on board with loving NY, but it must be worn. i can lose the weight i guess, but still i will look for an exact one when we go back to the city.

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