day 199 – accident waiting to happen



my kid is due home tomorrow and because i am an awesome mom (according to me, not to my kid), i like to surprise her with small gifts just because i love her. i thought i would also get her some balloons and make them my photo of the day.  i took them out back to take a photo and as i was coming back into the house…




i let them go and the ceiling fan ate two balloons. i was so very careful the times i walked through the kitchen with them, but it seems like it was an accident waiting to happen.  it’s the thought that counts anyway. three out of five is not bad at all.


4 thoughts on “day 199 – accident waiting to happen

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! funny! Now that’s something I would have done!

    ” i thought i would also get her some balloons.”

    Aw…you are such a GREAT Mom!!!!!


    • v says:

      ron, i had a feeling it would happen, but not how it happened. memory lapse and i just let them go and pop, pop,pop and then the ceiling fan stopped because the string was wrapped around the fan preventing it from moving. that’s the only reason the three shown survived.

  2. v says:

    xpat, ceiling fans are great anywhere there may be. this one is in the kitchen, it get hot in there, but walk out the room and the rest of the house is cooler.

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