day 201 – new lens or…

lens mug

new lens? nope it’s a …


thermos and was given to me by my big sis. how cool is this.  i’ve seen this before on a website, the canon and nikon version.  of course, this is the canon version. yay.


5 thoughts on “day 201 – new lens or…

  1. OMG Val….I LOVE this!!!!!!!

    Yes, how COOL is this???? I looks JUST like a lens!!! Okay, I have to get one!

    Oh and btw, I think I’m going to be purchasing a CANON camera instead of a Nikon. I saw one online a few days ago, that has more features than the Nikon you and I looked at in the camera store. And the price is EXCELLENT. I may be getting tomorrow at Staples (on sale). I’ll let you know!


    • v says:

      what’s up ron. isn’t it cool i love it. showed it to my boss today and she said “nice” like it was a lens. i told her it’s a thermos and she was like what! very cute. i used it today.

      a canon man, ah yeah! the good thing about getting things from staples is that you can return ANYTHING. i returned software and yes, i removed it from my computer like a good girl. šŸ˜‰

    • v says:

      bijoux, i don’t know. now you have me wondering. i’m going to do a search. i want a brooklyn nets mug or thermos, but not in a shape of a basketball.

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