day 202 – backyard beauty

backyard beauty


i called it backyard beauty because i don’t know the name of it.  seems like a hibiscus of some kind, but i can’t be sure.

7 thoughts on “day 202 – backyard beauty

  1. GORGEOUS shot, Val!

    The color is AMAZING!!!!

    And yup…it’s a hibiscus. And the only reason I know that is because these grow wild in Florida. In fact, we had them all over backyard – in yellow.

    Hope you had a great weekend, girl. I hear this week is going to be cooler than last – YAHOOOOO!


    • v says:

      thanks ron and i’m glad i got the name right. it looked like one, but i wasn’t sure. there’s a bunch outside now and i hadn’t noticed them until yesterday. when i did i ran outside to snap a photo.

      my weekend was 50/50. hoping it gets a wee bit better, but okay. hope you did too.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    I love Hibiscus… it reminds me of my Hawaii year. I have a few bushes in my yard.
    Lovely 🙂 Hibuscus is of course allowed to drop a few crumbs on it’s lovely dress…

    • v says:

      greetings xpat! i would love to go to hawaii, but who wouldn’t. i’m sure it’s a photographer’s paradise. maybe one day, i won’t rule it out.

      the stem made me think it was a hibiscus, but…wait, is that the pistol? i do not know the parts of a flower by name. anyhoo, i’ve taken a few photos of the hibiscus flower, but can’t ever be sure if it is or not, until i ask someone.

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