day 204 – me and my shadow

me and my shadow

today one of my co-workers commented that i looked slim and flat, not one-dimensional like flat stanley, but that i didn’t have a belly.  it’s comments like this that make me want to lift up my shirt and watch people gag.  i have lost some pounds, but not for the sake of trying or exercise.  i planned to go to the gym today, but it was such a nice day outside, i decided to tackle my hill and get some fresh air.  i had no problems going down, but there was a little bit of heavy breathing on the way back up.  i may give it another go tomorrow until i’m no longer breathing heavy.  oh and i changed into my workout clothes before i left because it was too hot to wear my work clothes outside. i also didn’t want to come back smelling like outside. i hate that smell.

6 thoughts on “day 204 – me and my shadow

  1. You got a SUPER bod, girl! And you’re body is strong-looking and fit.

    God love ya for running today, with the heat and humidity has high as it was today.

    I actually got caught in a rain storm while walking home from Super Fresh today. But I didn’t even care that I got wet because it felt so COOLING.

    Great shadow shot!


    P.S. Oh, and I ordered my Canon today. I should be getting it by Thursday, just in time for when we go back to NYC!!!!

    • v says:

      thanks for saying so ron, but i think it’s time you see what’s behind the curtain or under my shirt. you, however, must not throw up on me. heheh. i won’t be getting into a two piece this year, again, which is what i want, but my one piece. oh i wasn’t running, but walking. i enjoyed the weather yesterday and there were a few breezes where i was, the humidity wasn’t too bad. glad i changed clothes though.

      i think it poured raining on monday, but nothing for us on tuesday. if it did rain, i missed it, but i don’t think it did.

      yeah for your camera. wooohooo. let me know when you get it. yep, i’ll be ready monday! i hope the weather is a lot cooler for us.


  2. Hi Valerie,
    Great shadow photo!
    I think that it all starts in your heart; you want a positive change. Taking care of yourself is the best motivation for this and I wish you success!!

    • v says:

      greetings, xpat and thanks for the lovely and motivating comment. i try to take care of myself and i truly do enjoy working out, even if it’s not at the level i was. every little bit helps. 😉

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