day 205 – origami


my kid orders some of her art supplies from japan, this time it was a pen of some sort.  i opened the package (she said i could 😉 and i found this little guy on top. i thought it was cute of the sender to make this and include it in the package. i tried origami and it’s difficult. the only thing i can make is —-> this.

7 thoughts on “day 205 – origami

  1. ” i thought it was cute of the sender to make this and include it in the package.”

    Yup, that’s how the Japanese are. When I lived there, if you purchased something from one of their stores, they hand-wrapped it with such care, and then never charged you extra for it. To them, presentation is everything!

    That is SO cute, Val! And I laughed when I clicked over on the link you shared about the Origami Fortuneteller because that’s the only Origami I know how to make as well. I love those things! We used to make them in Catholic School.

    Great photo! Love the vivid colors!

    Enjoy your evening, girl!

    • v says:

      hmmm. i don’t remember her getting anything else in the mail with her packages before. this was a nice surprise, ron and it was nicely packaged. i feel like i got something and the kid got something.

      it’s totally awesome that you lived in japan too. i would love to visit, heck, i just want to start traveling again. me and my cameras.

      i know, right. we made them in school too. i wonder if there was a class on it, because everyone knew how and everyone would be like “pick a number” and then shove that thing in my face. ha.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    So nice!! i have a Japanese mother who had tried Origami on me as a child. Oh boy; I never caught on to it!
    I love the polka dots :).

    • v says:

      i love it, barbara. origami is soooo cool. i have a hard time following most all of it, as i can only make one thing and at times, i even have trouble with that.

  3. I loved those fortune tellers as a kid! I am terrible at any sort of intricate work like origami. It is too frustrating to me. Heck, you should have seen how long it took me to hang swag curtains. I suck at that stuff!

    • v says:

      hi bijoux. i think we all had fun with them. even today my kid makes them and she learned that in school. i’m almost sure learning how to make one is some type of initiation to get into school. i hang curtains once and they stay there forever. my mom loves to change her curtains (all of them. in every room.) with the seasons. not me.

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