day 206 – white castle

white castle

do these little burgers ever make it home or do we all eat them in the car on the way home?  i always eat mine in the car and this is what i bring home: what’s left.

once upon a time i had a humor blog and i wrote a post about these burgers called “hamburgers or laxative?” then i proceeded to explain why they were the latter and should be found on the shelf at the pharmacy next to the other laxatives.  i’m not sure what it is about these burgers, but they bother my stomach and yet i still eat them. *shrugs*


3 thoughts on “day 206 – white castle

  1. That is so true, Val! Those little burgers are so cute and tasty, you can’t help but eat em’ up the second after you get them.

    “hamburgers or laxative?”

    HAHAHHAHA! Killed me! Okay, we gotta remember not to have them the next time we’re in NYC, because we’ll be looking for a public restroom a half-hour after we eat them 🙂

    Great photo, girl!

    P.S. can you believe this COOL weather we’re having?

    • v says:

      yep. whenever i go there i eat them right away. maybe it’s the onions. and don’t forget we have to go back to that burger joint we saw.

      yeah, these burgers can clean me out, but didn’t bother me this time. not like they usually do.

      nope, can’t believe this cool weather, but with the sun (like today) it’s pleasant.

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