day 209 – got gas?

union fuel

i will drive past gas stations several times before i stop and i am usually running on empty at the time. i’m not sure why, but i dislike going to the gas station.  fortunately in new jersey we do not have to pump our own gas and if we did i would be in trouble.  

i had an errand to run this evening, just as it started to rain and got this pic before the downpour. as i got closer to home, the rain let up enough where it was just a sprinkle.  thought i would give this photo a watercolor look.


9 thoughts on “day 209 – got gas?

  1. Wow wee, Val! LOVE the watercolor effect you gave this photo! It looks JUST like a painting!

    The reflection of the lights on the rain are awesome!

    Yeah, didn’t you love the downpour today? I got soaked to death while walking home from the Super Fresh, and I mean SOAKED, because I forgot my umbrella. Even the money in my pocket got wet. I had to dry it out – HA!

    Enjoy your evening, girl!

    • v says:

      good morning and thanks, ron.

      i was in wal-mart and i heard the rain hitting the roof and was like, what the? then we i got to the door everyone headed out was standing just inside the door watching it downpour. no one wanted to go out there. it was fierce. i waited for 5 minutes then ran out and i had an umbrella.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    My hubby and I are like Ronnie; we don’t own a car but rent when needed. I know that some people absolutely need one or they can’t work or live.
    I love the oïl painting touches on this one 🙂 Dreamy…

    • v says:

      barbara, there are times when i wish i didn’t own a car. cars create bills, i hate bills. i’m actually in an area and a position where i need a car though, so i suck it up. it’s nice to have when it’s cold and raining outside. i would hate to wait on a bus in those conditions.


  3. Hey, Val, it was great meeting you and Ron today. I hope you guys had a great day in New York. Let’s do it again when I have more time to spare.

    Great photo, btw!

    Take care!

    • v says:

      hey rob, great to meet you too and i was so fascinated with your 9/11 stories. thanks for showing us around. oh yeah, i will be in NY as much as i can. i live too close not to be there. if i could go every weekend i would.


  4. I remember another blogger telling me about the ‘no self serve’ rule in Jersey. That cracks me up! I don’t even think there are any ‘full service’ options here anymore. The last time I saw an attendant pump gas was probably in the 1960’s! And I usually prolong buying gas, hoping the price will go down!

    • v says:

      bijoux, new jerseyans are spoiled (and lazy) when it comes to pumping our own gas. yeah okay, one time i thought it was cool when i was out of state, but that got old fast, especially in the winter. no thanks. 😉

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