day 210 – from dumbo to soho

i spent part of the day in DUMBO, NY. my plan was to arrive in manhattan early in the morning for a little shutter therapy, but i slowpoked around and did not board the train until 10:50. i think, with the delay, i just made it there by 11:30 to meet ron. we had to have walked at least 10-12 miles together and 15 in total for me. my body is tired, but in a good way. below are a few photos from the day.


there are hundreds of locks on the brooklyn bridge cables, and i’m not sure why. maybe it’s the equivalent of spray painting one’s name on a wall without the vandalism? i now feel the need to buy a lock, write my name on it and add it to the mix. next time, brooklyn. next time. (fact: i have a niece named brooklyn.)

pink bike

this beautiful beauty of a bike was found outside a shop in soho. sadly, i’ve never been to soho before, but it is absolutely beautiful. i walked around like a four-year old in a candy store with eyes the size of saucers. my inside voice kept saying, “wow.” (fact: whenever i see a bicycle on the street, i always want to photograph it.)

so ho

i loved the beautiful and bright-colored shops in soho, reminded me of bermuda. (fact: ron and i waited for people to move away from in front of this shop so we could get a photo without any people in it. odd that i like the photo with a person in it.)

sun flower

saw this flower on the way down the side street near the brooklyn bridge. (fact: i stuck my lens through the fence to get this shot.)

coffee ice cream

i love coffee ice cream and always with wet walnuts. this was delicious. (fact: ron bought this for me and he is one the most sweetest/considerate/thoughtful gentlemen i know. always holds the door for me and keeps me hydrated. on the train ride over i was already planning our next trip.)

9 thoughts on “day 210 – from dumbo to soho

  1. I’ve seen on TV the love lock thing that’s on a bridge in Paris, so someone must be trying it here. You and your lover are supposed to put the lock on, make a wish, a d then throw the key in the river.

    I love that bike! Isn’t Soho fabulous? Wish we had shops like that here. Too many chains!

    I’m jealous of your travels with Ron!

    • v says:

      bijoux, i never heard of love lock with actual locks. 😉 i am going to do this on my next trip to brooklyn.

      yes, soho is wow, just beautiful. i can’t even describe it in words.

      i’m glad ron is willing to walk forever and enjoys the city as much as i do. usually i would go by myself and walk in circles, but ron is the perfect (NY) friend.

  2. Okay Val, I’m sitting here sipping my morning coffee and SMILING so brightly at these AMAZING photos; recalling our day in NYC together!

    OMG…wasn’t it FUN???? And I love how the two us just meander around; not knowing where we’re even going – we just walk while discovering the BEST places! You have no idea how happy I was that we just ‘happened’ into SOHO because I haven’t been there in years.

    Faaaaaaaabulous photos! The one you took of the yellow flower BLEW me away!

    I was so tired when I got in last night, I haven’t even LOOKED at my photos yet, however, this afternoon I’m going to upload and sift through them.

    Again, thank you for the most AWESOME day in our favorite city. And yes, we have to do this again. And again!

    You are truly the best and easiest traveling companion, girl!

    Happy Tuesday!


    P.S. thanks for lunch!

    • v says:

      hey ron! yeah i told everyone at work about my fun-filled long weekend. fun indeed and yes just walking around was great and soho was freaking beautiful. the brownstones? just awesome. i would love an apartment in NY!!!! i wouldn’t be able to stand myself.

      oh yeah we will do this again and go uptown. never been up there. can’t wait to see your photos.

      my pleasure.

      ps – i was exhausted too. didn’t even eat dinner. showered, uploaded and got in the bed. thanks for the perfume. i wore it today.

  3. You guys walked 1-12 miles in that NYC heat? HOLY HELL!

    While I’m sad I wasn’t able to join you – I’m glad I wasn’t there because I would have held you guys back – there is NO WAY I could have walked all of that!

    I also love that pink bike. Sweet.

    And now I want coffee ice cream.

    PS: This is why there are locks on the bridge.

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