day 211- with an iron fist

with an iron fist

ironing my skirt for tomorrow (on the wrong side, of course).

a little known or unknown fact about me, it depends on who’s reading this, i guess. i LOVE to iron and do it every day, mostly in the morning. if i leave the house, i’m ironing something. i don’t use starch anymore (hate it) but steam. i rebuke dry irons and keep a water bottle handy in case the iron reservoir gets low.  

dress shirts (cotton or linen) are my favorite clothing to iron. the task climaxes when i place the front part of the shirt around the curved tip of the ironing board to iron the area just below the front of the shoulder where the sleeve meets. drool, drool and more drool.

now that my subscribers know i’m crazy, please come back tomorrow, i haven’t told the half of it. 😉  it’s a sport really, extreme ironing. i prefer soft music and quiet.

5 thoughts on “day 211- with an iron fist

  1. Val, this post cracked me up because this is yet another area that you and I have in common – LOVE to iron! And like you, when I’m working, I iron every single day. Actually, I iron at night so that my clothes are ready in the morning. And when I was a kid, I used to BEG my mother to let me iron. Back then, wives ironed BED SHEETS and PILLOW CASES, if you can believe that. Oh, and also HANDKERCHIEFS! She would let me iron the pillow cases and handkerchiefs, but not bed sheets because they were too big.

    And like you, I use STEAM and not spray starch. I HATE it too because it leaves white stuff all over your clothes and iron. If my iron runs out of water from the steamer, I’ll use a spray bottle filled with H20.

    So no, you’re not crazy. That is unless I’m crazy too – HA!

    Enjoyed the video clip of extreme ironing!!!

    Oh, and is that an Everything But The Girl T-shirt I see on you?

    I LOVE their music!


    • v says:

      ron, you’re the best and the only other person i know who likes to iron. i don’t get how people don’t like to iron. it’s so darn relaxing and i like to watch too.

      yeah, you like how i’m talking about my love of ironing in a wrinkled EBTG shirt. LOL.


  2. Hi Val,
    I see a serene woman. She is relaxing and at the same time getting her family’s clothes neat.
    Whatever task that is relaxing is almost like a meditation.
    You tune in,
    Tuning the rest out.

    I am SO OUT of it with groups and singers who are popular now. So, I thought that it was a catchy phrase celebrating
    single life!!

    • v says:

      barbara, yes, ironing is very relaxing. i get in a zone or trance some times. i darn clothes to come out of the dryer wrinkled. i don’t care, i’m ironing it anyway. even clothes that come from the cleaners. if it’s a pair of pants and not properly hung, i have to iron the crease out of the leg where it hung. doesn’t bother me at all.

      oh, ha. no, that’s my favorite band/group. love them. went to see them in concert in ny years ago and met ben at a book signing, also in the city. one of my favs, but i love almost ALL their songs. very rare for me

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