day 216 – paradise

Internet is spotty, free wifi that is. These are beds on the beach for guests to rest, sleep and eat on. We’re not in Mexico, and this country’s flag colors are red, white and blue. Hope to give better clues soon. Heck I hope I can upload this photo.


8 thoughts on “day 216 – paradise

  1. Buenos Dias, Val,
    That setting looks so good. Not lounge chairs, lounge beds. I can dig it!
    Now, would that be Panama? I didn’t Google it (yet). 🙂

    • v says:

      Oh Barbara, it is beautiful. I’m in heaven. I can’t believe people live amongst such beauty. I’m going to go into shock when I get home. The weather is perfect too.

        • v says:

          Yes, Barbara. It has some shady areas but I love them too. I see beauty there as well. The world/earth is such a beautiful place…it’s a shame sometimes that we were entrusted with its care.

  2. OMG…this photo looks like sheer HEAVEN!!!!!

    I feel relaxed just LOOKING at the photograph!

    I bet you’re LOVIN’ this, Val!!!!!!

    Have a super time, girl! Enjoy!


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