day 218 – ocean world

Visited Ocean World today and had a great time even though I did not swim with the dolphins, but I will when we come back. It looked like a lot of fun.

Clue number 4; Taínos inhabited what is this country since the 7th century and Christopher Columbus landed on it in 1492. Surely our location has to be known

11 thoughts on “day 218 – ocean world

  1. Hey Val! Found you through Ron so I thought I would check out your page and I am glad I did! This is an absolutely gorgeous photo! I would love to just sit on those rocks and stare at the ocean letting my worries fall away.

    • v says:

      hello and welcome. oh it was surprisingly a calm place and relaxing – not too many people there and most traveled in groups going to different stations where the dolphins were. they (dolphins) are SO very intelligent.

  2. ” I did not swim with the dolphins, but I will when we come back.”

    Ya know Val, I have ALWAYS wanted to do that myself. I had a friend in Florida who swam with the dolphins in Key West one time and she had the most amazing experience. Apparently, dolphins are very in tuned to peoples energy and will be more attracted to some people than others. Well, the dolphins LOVED her and would not leave her alone. They all kept swimming around her and NOT her husband. OMG…he was so mad because he spent all that money to swim with the dolphins and they wouldn’t come near him – HA!

    Faaaaaaaaabulous photo, girl!


    • That’s hilarious about the dolphins. I sometimes have people’s pets hang all over me and it’s kooky because I’m actually uncomfortable and nervous around animals.

    • v says:

      ha, that’s funny. ron, they are so smart. my mother said they’re smarter than the people (family) in the water. hahah. very strong too. we had one guy with us in our group (and his wife), a brazilian basketball player, dude was huge, he needed two dolphins to push him in the water.

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