day 219 – morning at the spa

went for a massage and it was just okay. I supposed I could have opened my mouth, but I prefer something a little rougher.

PS bijoux guessed our location correctly. Yay.

6 thoughts on “day 219 – morning at the spa

  1. ” but I prefer something a little rougher.”

    Val, I giggled when I read that because I remember our conversation last week when we were in NY.

    Looks like a relaxing and calming room though. I also noticed the hot stones. I LOVE them!

    And yaaaaaaaaaay to Bijoux!!!!!


    • v says:

      yes, ron. i won’t break and appreciate the roughness. truth be told i could have done the rubbing she was doing myself. i have oil and i’m not afraid to use it. next time i will speak up otherwise i’m just laying there rolling my eyes. it did feel a little nice when she worked my back and right arm.

    • v says:

      my first time it was done by a man and it was okay. they love messing up my hair though. that’s when i freak out. i don’t care if it is a rat’s nest. i like my hair brushed and pulled, that’s it. well my scalp scratched too.

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