day 221 – goodbye dominican republic


this is our handsome driver, mini (not sure of the spelling) who took us to the airport.


i almost uploaded this photo as my picture of the day and forgot the photo had to have been taken by me. obviously this was not.  i’m smiling here but crying on the inside.  i’ll be back, DR.


6 thoughts on “day 221 – goodbye dominican republic

  1. Oh Val, was AWESOME photos! You look like a MOVIE STAR, getting into her private limo; taking you to the airport!

    I bet you had a blast there. Can’t wait to read and see all about it on your upcoming posts!

    Welcome back, girl. You were missed!


    • v says:

      the movie star has fallen, i’m back home and after having been spoiled and pampered for several days, i’m looking at this dump with a frown on my face. oh happy for the dump, just saying.

    • v says:

      they really treat the guests like celebrities. it’s so nice and i got used to being waited on. oh well, it’s over, bijoux. 😉

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