day 223 – cien pesos dominicanos

for all the articles i’ve read on yahoo about the best places to retire, i don’t remember reading dominican republic as being one of them. i could be wrong.

my retirement plan was to go south (georgia), buy a ranch home and live in it until the ripe age of 204. i chose the south because i hate snow and never want to see it again. i also thought the warmer weather would be kind to my body.

however, i’m totally in love with dominican republic, its beauty and it’s there i want to retire. one reason is the american dollar does well in DR; 40 pesos is equivalent to one dollar. 100 DOP is $2.37 USD.

if i diligently save for the next 8 years, i could retire at 50 years old, but not in the US.  i would have to work ’till the grave here and that’s no way for me to live.  

i know someone from the USA who moved there 5 years ago and rents a 3 bedroom home on a mountain for $315 a month and she has a housekeeper. booyah!  i asked her a lot of questions about what i need to do to move to DR (e.g.; resident fees are $2,000 every two years – it keeps changing) and about buying a home.

she suggested i rent first because people will sell a home they don’t even own (and it happens) but one that goes back for generations. one must be equipped with a knowledgeable attorney who knows to do a title search, etc.  it is possible for me to build a home now and rent it out until i’m ready to pack it up here.

she also told me there are few street signs. there are no street directions other than: take that road to the texaco, make a left and the house you’re looking for is behind the barn.

the “remember this location” function would be my friend on my GPS.

and people are allowed to choose their own house number. she visited a woman at house no. 20 on a particular road and because there are two houses with the no. 20 she went to the wrong one.

when asked about it, the woman in the first house said, “i told that (other) woman i had no. 20 and that’s the number i’m keeping.” so they both have the same house number on the same road.  

my house number will be 96.

anyhoo, the kid is not okay with moving to DR and tells me i can’t live without her. to that i say, “i can show you better than i can tell you.” well i would miss her, but that’s why God created skype and the internet. 



9 thoughts on “day 223 – cien pesos dominicanos

  1. ” rents a 3 bedroom home on a mountain for $315 a month and she has a housekeeper.”

    OH. MY. GOD!!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!!! On what I pay for one studio apartment here, I could rent 2 1/2 apartments there!

    ” well i would miss her, but that’s why God created skype and the internet.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up, girl!

    I’m so happy you loved it there and are thinking of moving. But darn it, I would MISS YOU! And who would I have to go to NYC with? NO ONE 😦

    Glad you’re back!


    • v says:

      isn’t that inexpensive ron. why bust my tail here when i can rest my tail there and try to enjoy my life instead of staying on the wheel.

      i know, i too would miss NY. i think about that when i think about moving anywhere really.

  2. Ok, that is an amazing rental price, plus a housekeeper? You need to go on that House Hunters International show.

    I would love to retire some place warm, but I’m really paranoid about bugs, spiders, snakes and all that jazz.

    • v says:

      yes bijoux. when i asked her why she moved she said it was a “no-brainer” and i agree. less stress she said and she looks great, i’ve known her for a long time (family friend), so she must be doing something right.

      she also told me one couple went to DR on vacation and NEVER went back home. had his family sell the house he just built and regretted nothing. it’s a great place to me. why work here until 65-67 with a few years of retirement or being a part-time greeter at wal-mart when one can retire at 50 (considering they saved) and enjoy life.

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