day 225 – you’re my rock

you're my rock

i don’t know what my fascination is with rocks, but i collect them and this one is stolen. i had to have taken it on the last day i was in dominican republic.

i was near the outside entrance of the villa with my youngest nephew and my kid and noticed a bed of rocks. i said out loud, “oh, i have to take a rock back home,” and that’s when my 7 year old nephew put me on blast and said i couldn’t do that because it’s stealing. 

sure, i felt bad for taking the rock after he said something, but at least it was at the villa where we stayed and that made it okay, right? i also felt bad that my nephew saw his auntie take something that didn’t belong to her.  yes, i know it’s just a darn rock, but kids watch what we do and not what we say.

he could use this against me later and then i’ll really feel bad for throwing this rock at him. his mother tells me that he also collects rocks (i saw her take a rock from the beach that he may like) and i’m curious to know if he put a rock in his luggage to take home, (although he and his family are still there – going on a month – and yes, i’m jealous).  i’ll have to call him when they get back to the states. 


7 thoughts on “day 225 – you’re my rock

  1. Okay Val, first I have to say….stunning photo! It’s just BEEEAUTIFUL! It has an almost spiritual quality to it – like a hand reaching out to help in a time of need.

    How did you do it? A self-timer or through a mirror? You are so clever.

    And hey, I gotta tell ya…I love rocks too. In fact, I have big bowl of them, similar to the one you have in your hand – like a river rock. I love their smooth texture and earthiness. I like having them around because they seem to calm and ground me.

    “and iā€™m curious to know if he put a rock in his luggage to take home”

    Ha! Yeah, exactly!

    I think rocks are free reign because they belong to the earth. So think of it as though you’re just taking something from the earth and moving it to another part of the earth. See.

    Hope you were pain-less today.


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i actually like this one myself.

      i used a tripod, remote and my camera with the LCD the flips up for self-portraits, etc. i can see what i’m doing as i’m composing the shot. very helpful.

      i think my problem with this stone is that it isn’t really a rock, but looks purchased. so technically i stole it, but i do like your free reign and belonging to the earth and moving it to another location. i’m down with that even if the nephew isn’t.

      i’m going to call him though when they return home and have him dump his pockets. šŸ˜‰

      little better yesterday and today. thanks.

  2. Crazy, but I love rocks too! Geology was the only science I ever liked. I can spend a whole day looking for fossils and never get tired. Just don’t take a rock from the Petrified Forest. Apparently, it’s not only against the law, but bad luck.

    • v says:

      me too bijoux. i love smooth rocks and stones. i probably should stay away from PF then, i don’t trust myself. bad luck? i got that.

  3. “…but kids watch what we do and not what we say.”

    That’s an excellent observation, Val. And I love that photo–it gives the rock an eerie kind of life, like it’s daring you to steal it.

    I’m sure you’d never throw a rock at your nephew…would you?

    • v says:

      it’s true rob. i speak from experience. my kid (all kids) don’t hear us at all, they see what we do. oh well, i bet my nephew will come back with a similar rock. šŸ˜‰

      hmmm, i don’t know, rob. well maybe not to hurt him, but i might throw something at him. i love the little guy anyway.

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