day 229 – chocolate covered oreos




one of my favorite things to make, chocolate covered oreos. usually i buy the double stuffed oreos, but these are mega stuffed. mmmmm!


8 thoughts on “day 229 – chocolate covered oreos

    • v says:

      ah, sprinkles, good idea. i might have to try that next time. thanks. and yes they are totally sinful, i’m eating 3 right now.

  1. Okay, Val, I am DROOLING over these chocolate covered oreos!

    Do you know that I can actually SMELL and TASTE them just from from your photos????

    I’ve never done this with oreos, but you better believe I’m going to try it 🙂

    WOW…they look DELISH!


    • v says:

      they are yummy ron. oreos are already yummy, but the extra layer of chocolate makes them extra special. i’ve even heard of fried oreos. never had them though.

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