day 231 – a midsummer’s night dream


sleep is a beautiful thing and dreams during sleep are even better. call me crazy, but i can make myself dream about whatever i want (though it doesn’t always happen when i want) and i control my dreams. i know when i’m dreaming and if i don’t like something i change it or wake myself up.

anyhoo for the past week (an entire seven days), i have had at least one dream every night without trying.  one night i had a dream within a dream (multiple dreams) in which i woke myself up from the 2nd dream (because it was scary) but not the first dream. the brain is amazing.  

i used to have dreams of running and being chased, but they stopped.  i also used to dream about um  now my dreams are much more pleasant and not just of one person, but many. another night, not this past week, i dreamt an entire movie and i remember waking up thinking the ending was brilliant, but i can’t recall what it was about, but it was good.  

in my dream last night, i went for a tour at a school attended by my coworker and i found a silver ring she lost many years ago and returned it to her.  how did i know it was hers? her initials were inside the ring.  

yes, i can read in my dreams but last night was the first time i had my camera. i remember photographing a set of old, green lockers. when my coworker returns to work on monday, i can’t wait to tell her all about her vacation.


8 thoughts on “day 231 – a midsummer’s night dream

  1. Val, first of all…that photo ROCKS, girl!!!

    *thunderous applause*

    It is beyond clever! How you think of these things? Honestly, you come up with some of the most unique and inventive photos! It’s so CUTE!!!

    ” how did i know it was hers? her initials were inside the ring.”

    WOW are you so attentive and proficient in your dreams! I used to dream a lot (although they say we dream every night yet, don’t remember them), but I only dream occasionally now. There was a time when I kept a dream journal and would write them down as soon as I got up in the morning. They say that we are the only ones who can interpret our own dreams because our subconscious uses symbols and meanings only known to us.

    I used to have one reoccurring dream in which I was in an elevator and it would go up and down, up and down, until the cable snapped and the elevator fell. However, it never crashed because I would wake up before it did.

    I find dreams fascinating!


    • v says:

      ron those filthy toys belong to the kid. i was looking for anything that made the scrabble pieces interesting. i already use scrabble letters 3 times this year, now they have to dance for me. muhahahahah. 😉

      dreams are so fascinating. i agree. i did look up your elevator dream, but i couldn’t comprehend. too deep for me.

      last night’s dream? i was a character in an episode of little house on the prairie. i kid you not. i don’t think i was dressed like the others.

      in fact, i don’t remember anything i was wearing only i was there. can’t wait to see where my brain takes me tonight. i just took a muscle relaxer, so my brain might be too relaxed to whip up anything. i’ll be a little upset, but i shall dream again.


  2. I have had dreams where I know I’m dreaming, so I remember sort of being able to control the dream because I knew I was dreaming….I think you totally get what I mean! Most of my dreams though involve me being late for class…which is sooo weird as I was never late for class when I was a student.

    • v says:

      cool, bijoux. isn’t it the best. it’s so much fun as long as the dream doesn’t get scary. the being late for class dream, let me look that up right now. hold the phone….oh, there were a few interpretations out there. interesting.

  3. Hi Val,
    I never right off a dream, no mattter how unlogical or odd it may seem.
    There is so mich wisdom and sometimes, guidance to be had. One of the best ways is simply to sleep with a notepad & pen at your bedside so you may jot down your memories quickly.

    Enjoy !

    • v says:

      i’m still dreaming, meleah. last night’s dream was weird. i’m sure i was crying as i pleaded my case. people were being mean to me. it was a misunderstanding and authority was abused. i will not tolerate that….i’m sure i told on the people involved and they were fired.


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