day 232 – playing ketchup

got home a little late tonight and of course i’m running behind and playing catch up.  i took a few self-portraits with the intent of uploading and then moving on to a few other tasks i have to do. that is until i looked at the photo and noticed a wardrobe malfunction.  think seinfeld. elaine’s christmas card photo. yeah.  i had to fix that in post.  i’m not that friendly. 😉  okay i’m also not that good with editing. pretend you don’t see her.

8 thoughts on “day 232 – playing ketchup

  1. “think seinfeld. elaine’s christmas card photo. yeah.”


    OMG…I am DYING laughing over here, Val!!!! You are so HILARIOUS!!!

    And I applaud you for showing the picture anyway! You GO, perky girl!

    Honestly though, I think you did a great job editing because I really had to look to see it.

    And right now I’m thinking of the Seinfeld episode and HOWLING!

    I give you 5 stars and a standing ovation for this photo of the day!


    P.S. Btw, love your post title!

    • v says:

      lol. ron i just got home – it was after 9 – grabbed my camera, went downstairs and took 4 photos, maybe. i picked out one that had less blur. i get upstairs and i’m looking at it and i’m like is that a …. and it’s mine?

      i know why, but whatever. had i fixed in photoshop it would have been fixed a lot better, but my stupid photoshop is acting up and wouldn’t open. tried to fix in lightroom and i don’t know lightroom well enough to be doing any blurring, etc. so i had to go with this one. trust and believe the original was worse. this blog is private, right?

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