day 233 – sun flower

sun flower

i saw this sunflower in my neighbor’s yard and asked if i could photograph it.  he said i could photograph anything i want.  i wanted  to chop it down so i could photograph it at a decent angle, but i’m sure he wouldn’t have been pleased.  this has to be the happiest flower ever, reminds me of this show:


9 thoughts on “day 233 – sun flower

  1. What a gorgeous, and mean GORGEOUS shot, Val!

    WOW! The super sharp clarity of the sunflower against the blurred background is just stunning.

    “this has to be the happiest flower ever.”


    And it’s so ironic but about three days ago, I walked by a street vendor who was selling flowers and I took several photos of his sunflowers. I kid you not 🙂 But not ONE of my photographs came out at lovely as yours.

    I enjoyed the video clip. I had never heard of that show before!?!? Cute!


    • v says:

      thanks much, ron. it could be a little sharper, but i had to shoot wide open to blur the background and i wasn’t stable. really i need to buy some of these flowers so i can position them and use my tripod.

      well i wanna see your pics. they’re probably awesome, like you.

      you have never heard of the magic garden. OMG, i used to watch that show all the time. loved it!

  2. I love it! I might know what you mean for angle. I had sunflowers at home and would end up getting way down each time that i photograph them.
    Have a great day.

    • v says:

      what! another one who has never heard of this show. wow. i’m not sure when it came on and on what channel, maybe 13. back then we didn’t know anything about cable.

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