day 234 – vintage light

vintage light


the day started off with heavy rain, a flood actually, and i hate traveling in the rain.  it rained hard and for hours, but eventually the sun came out.  i took a few photos in this park which often floods during heavy rain, but it was only a little soggy.


6 thoughts on “day 234 – vintage light

  1. Val, love both your post title and photo!

    Beautiful capture, girl. I especially love the shadows of the trees. This photo has a wonderful peaceful feel to it – almost like a magic forest feel.

    I LOVE trees 🙂

    Yup, it rained here today as well. The skies got all dark and thundery, and then it downpoured. And of course it happened just as I walking home WITHOUT an umbrella. 😦


    • v says:

      thanks ron. there’s not much to photograph there, the crane was gone and only exercise equipment, a lake and trees are at this area.

      the rain was crazy, i just got in my car and then the flood gates opened, couldn’t see to drive, but i made it. no umbrella, again. next time, you’ll remember. actually i didn’t know it was going to rain.

    • v says:

      it does, bijoux. next to this area of the park is the baseball field, then the track and finally the soccer field. this area is a little “forest with grass” looking.

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