day 235 – spotted leaf

the work week didn’t start out too bad, but it ended with a bang. the last couple of days have been exhausting and i couldn’t wait to leave work and go home to hug the kid. i thought about taking a nap, but instead i sat outside for 20 minutes and enjoyed the breeze. i didn’t know what to photograph today, but saw this leaf on the deck and (what’s my favorite phrase) i shot it.  of course, with all the senseless shooting going on in the world, that phrase is *almost* not funny anymore.

8 thoughts on “day 235 – spotted leaf

  1. ” i sat outside for 20 minutes and enjoyed the breeze.”

    Oh, Val, wasn’t the breeze beautiful today??? I was outside enjoying it as well.

    STUNNING capture! And I loved Rebecca’s comment…

    “It takes talent to make something so ordinary look extraordinary.”

    I agree! And you are SO talented, girl! Love the colors and varying textures. Love your ‘eye!’

    This photo is reminding me that fall is on its way. Yaaaaaaay!

    Have a spectacular weekend!


    • v says:

      yes it was, ron. near perfect day after i got home from work. 😉

      fall is coming, but it can take its time. i’m still enjoying the summer. wish we could skip right to spring.

      you enjoy as well.

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