day 236 – in the closet

in the closet

today was productive, but not exhausting. this morning i had a financial meeting (with myself, ha!), i organized my closet and bagged the clothes that need to go to the cleaners. then i took my anti-social self to a friend’s house because he always invites me and i never go, but i only stayed for a few hours and then it was back home to rest for the evening. yay!


6 thoughts on “day 236 – in the closet

  1. “this morning i had a financial meeting (with myself, ha!)”

    OMG…I LOVED that!!!

    Val, SUPER capture!

    REALLY nice clothes!

    As I’ve shared in the past, you have the best taste in clothing. Simple, clean and classic!

    Glad you had a productive and enjoyable Saturday.

    Have a lovely Sunday, girl!


    • v says:

      well i most certainly did, ron. i have been slacking on my finances big time and either need to prepare for death or retirement. have a few more things to get in order, then whatever. *shrugs*

      thanks, ron. i need to go clothes shopping but my money is funny and my change is strange.

      you too.


    • v says:

      thanks, rob. yes, my closet needed to be organized again. things were not where they belonged and i hate mixing suits with pants and skirts. everything has to be in order: dress suits, pant suits, jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, long dresses. not mixed up all over the place because i’m crazy. there’s a method to my madness. winter clothes on the back rack. 😉

    • v says:

      why yes, yes i can come and organize your client. i need to get in my drawers now. dresser. drawers.


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