day 238 – golf ball

golf ball


i’ve been to my blog at least 3 or 4 times tonight with the intent of uploading this pic, then i get distracted and do something else.  i think it’s finally happening.  maybe i should call this shot goof ball.

i’m actually a golf fan, but only when tiger is playing.  i would like to play a real game of golf but my arm still hurts from the 2011 car accident and i’m not ready to swing yet.  for now i’m content playing over at WGT.


8 thoughts on “day 238 – golf ball

  1. My husband worked at a golf course for years. He tried to teach me once, but I’m only good at putting. I’d rather just have a beer with Tiger in the clubhouse!

  2. “maybe i should call this shot goof ball.”


    Val, I LOVE your sense of humor!!!!!

    And I also have to say….terrific shot! Is it macro? Really cool!

    And speaking of golf, I used to play it when I was a kid. My father would take me whenever he golf, to teach me. But, gosh, I haven’t played in soooooo long. My brother, Tom, plays almost every week. He loves it. And he’s good. I think his lowest handicap was in the 70’s.

    Have a fab night, girl!


    • v says:

      ron, something was wrong. i kept coming to my blog and then going away. had to ask myself if i uploaded the pic, i’d come and check and then think of something i needed to look up or take care of. buh.

      yes, it’s a macro, not a 1:1, i have to check the magnification, but yes, still a macro, not a close up, though i used my zoom lens which has a macro feature. normally i would have just used my macro specific lens, which is just a prime.

    • v says:

      meleah, i almost coughed your name (hint: meleah) when i said i want to give it a go next year. i didn’t forget. we’re going to kfc or is it kchh. or kcch.

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