day 239 – homeward bound

this is getting old, but i lasted for as long as i could before i had to leave work because of a wicked headache. this is a photo i took on the way home where i’ve been in the bed for the past several hours watching financial videos, reading twitter and facebook. however, sitting up and walking around is out.


6 thoughts on “day 239 – homeward bound

  1. Aw Val, sorry about the wicked headache. But I hope at the time I’m leaving this comment you’ve had some relief.

    ((((((((( You ))))))))

    It’s funny because I didn’t have a headache today, but my allergies were really acting up. I think it was the sudden change in weather – back to being more humid today. I was sneezing all day.

    Great photo! Love the effect!


    • v says:

      blah, ron. it must have been something in the air, sinuses but it was not nice. if i stayed in the bed it wasn’t too bad, but the minute i got. boom shakalaka boom! 3 days! yesterday was the worse though. i think i’m okay now.

      it’s a crappy photo, but crap happens. 😉


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