day 240 – first world problem

first world problems

because we all have them, right?  yesterday i left the job early and a pile of work that needed to be done in preparation for today’s bond closing.  i only pressed the snooze button twice instead of my regular five times so i could get to work early.

i wanted to wear the blouse shown in the picture though it doesn’t go with anything in my closet at the moment. i threw on the above suit and decided to fake the funk or pretend the mismatch was on purpose, whatever. nobody cares that the necklace doesn’t match either.  #fwp

i checked myself in the mirror before i left and noticed the loops on the side of my suit jacket.  i’m not a fan of belts on suit jackets, but it came with one so i wear it, except this morning i couldn’t find it. #fwp

i had no idea where to look because i have everything in its place and if it’s not there then i don’t know. however, my memory has been way off for several months, so i decided to look for it.  nope, could not find it.  

now i’m upset and sweating to death because my morning that was going so smoothly has come to a halt – i said it was a first world problem – because i have belt loops and no belt. #fwp

what to do?  i decided to cut them off.  actually when i got to work, i handed a pair of scissors to my coworker and asked her to do the honors. yes, i started my day with a stupid first world problem, but i felt much so better after it was solved.


8 thoughts on “day 240 – first world problem

  1. “what to do? i decided to cut them off”

    HA! That’s exactly what I thought you were going to do with them Val…cut em’ off!

    You go, girl, because that’s exactly what I would have done too 🙂

    Great suit, btw. Also I love the blouse. At first, I thought it was a scarf. NICE colors!


    • v says:

      weeeee. ron, i didn’t know what to do and finally i said to myself, i’ll cut them off!



  2. I have a jacket with those loops too and I finally cut them off after deciding I wasn’t a big fan of the belted, cinched up jacket look!

    I like the blouse with the suit! Lookin good, Val!

    • v says:

      i have a few suits with belts, bijoux but cloth belts. i can tolerate. the belt that came with the above suit was a stupid pleather belt.


    • v says:

      i totally don’t match, meleah, but it’s okay. glad you like it though and yeah, the clipping was a good idea. i was not happy that morning until they were gone.


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