day 243 – keys of life

keys of life


okay i had nothing to photograph today.  i stayed in the house all day nursing something, resting, laundry, financials, and watching tv.  i’m feeling a little bit cranky as well. i think i need at least one day a week of doing absolutely nothing.


4 thoughts on “day 243 – keys of life

  1. Val, love your post title, as well as your photo of the day!

    The first thought that came into mind was…”Tickling the Ivories!”

    Love the small chips on some of the keys because along with the color, they give the photo a vintage-feel. NICE!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow doing absolutely nothing. You deserve it 🙂

    And have a super night!

    • v says:

      thanks sir, ron. yes that small chip has been there forever. the keys need to be cleaned too, but don’t tell. i’m sucking with the pics this go ’round. maybe i should look through my stash and take some do overs. you enjoy too.


  2. gorgeous photo, Val!

    ” i think i need at least one day a week of doing absolutely nothing.”

    I do that. Either every Saturday or Sunday. But I definitely find one day a week to do nothing. It’s necessary!

    • v says:

      thanks meleah. yes, i’m at the one day a week where i don’t have to go anywhere, wake up whenever and do nothing. i’m doing next to nothing right now, but still i had to get up early, do the kid’s hair and then we went grocery shopping.


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