day 244 – giraffes


while i think giraffes are very beautiful they are my second favorite animal after the horse.  i LOVE horses and had the opportunity to ride one in dominican republic.  why am i showing a photo of giraffes?  because i don’t own a horse.   below is a short video i took in DR of me riding a horse for the first time.


6 thoughts on “day 244 – giraffes

  1. “why am i showing a photo of giraffes? because i don’t own a horse.”

    HAHAHAHA! Made me HOWL, Val!

    OMG…I LOVE this photo because I love giraffes as well. I think they have the sweetest and cutest face. And I love their long neck and legs!

    FAB video clip!! I adored the part when you pointed the camera down at the POOP! Bwhahahahahaha!

    How cool! You went horseback riding, girl!

    And yeah, I can tell, you REALLY loved it there 🙂


    • v says:

      hehehe, ron. funny i don’t have anything with a horse on it, but they are my favorite animal.

      i may have a few more DR stories, but i’m beating a dead horse or doing something with a horse. the trip is over! yes, i loved it there. horseback riding was awesome. i wanted to go again.

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