day 247 – shiny objects

shiny objects

i had an itchy finger this morning and almost gave in to buying something i really did not need. i did buy something, but something i planned to buy and for a lot less money. yeah, i’ll be reading this book next month.

i’m not buying happiness, i love cameras and gear. i have GAS; gear acquisition syndrome. i have sold off some of my gear, but i’m always tempted to sell one camera for another camera with better features that i “need.”

i can get by on what i have and that’s something that i must continue to tell myself. i think i was bored this morning and let my eye wander a little bit too much. darn urges.


4 thoughts on “day 247 – shiny objects

  1. ” i have GAS; gear acquisition syndrome”

    Bwhahhahahaha! Val, I’ve never heard of GAS referred to in that definition and it’s BRILLIANT!!!

    Also, I love the photo because it’s so flawlessly composed! I smiled at your Olympus because I had memories of you using that one on one of our trips to NYC this summer 🙂

    Great book title too!

    “i’m not buying happiness, i love cameras and gear.”

    Yes, I believe that too. I don’t think you’re buying happiness, you just have a PASSION for cameras and gear. And the thing about it is that you USE what you buy. It’s not like you buy stuff just for the RUSH and then don’t use them. It’s like you said, you sell one camera for another camera with better features. And that means progress.

    So I think your safe, girl.

    Hope you had a super day….X

    • v says:

      good morning, ron. GAS is not mine, but all photographers know what it stands for, we all get it once in a while and boy did i have it yesterday. bad, smelly, GAS.

      i can be so cheap, but won’t bat an eye when it comes to equipment. gotta learn to control that impulse. i do however like your reasoning. i have to stop wanting to upgrade and use what i have because it’s good enough for now. neither of my cameras have the 1/8000th of a sec. shutter speed that i desire for my fast glass, but i can work around that for a little while because i have been. i guess it’s more of a convenience to me right now. i may eventually sell and upgrade something, but i can wait. i must stop looking at temptation. i know i’m weak.

      have a super thursday, my friend.

    • v says:

      hahaha. i would say that sometimes too. things can buy a small measure of happiness, but it’s not lasting. however i totally agree to a point: one doesn’t know where to shop. i could be happy happy for at least a few hours.

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