day 248 – centre street

centre street


okay this is a sad photo taken with my fish eye lens that i haven’t learned to use properly, yet.  i took this while waiting at a light.


6 thoughts on “day 248 – centre street

  1. No, not sad at all, Valerie. It’s an awesomely cool photo!!!

    I love the trees in this shot! And your windshield must be spotlessly clean because the photo is so CLEAR.

    And it’s so ironically funny because I just discovered the fish eye lens on my new camera and took a photo of City Hall last week; using it. I may post it sometime next week.

    Have a great evening, girl!


    • v says:

      yeah, it’s kind of sad ron. the lens is so cool, but i haven’t found the subject to do it just. i will keep trying or sell it. actually my windshield is clean as is my car. i washed it on thursday morning.

      oooh, i can’t wait to see what you post. yippie.

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