day 257 – the claw

the claw


it’s rare that i can get up close to one of these machines, so when i saw this one i had to go home and get my fish eye lens for this photo.


7 thoughts on “day 257 – the claw

  1. Do you know what I really like about this shot, Val? It’s got such TEXTURE and CONTRASTS. And it’s razor-sharp!

    You have such talent for capturing the most amazing skies in your photos.

    Did you shoot this in RAW first? Really, really nice shot, girl!

    You inspire me!

    Hope you had a super Saturday. Wasn’t the weather amazing?


    • v says:

      this is an HDR what some people despise because it’s never done correctly but the photo looks cooked. i am not good with HDR myself, so. the jury is out for me.

      yes, this was shot in RAW, edited and saved as a jpeg.

      it was okay and ron it’s cold to me. 😉 nice with the right clothes on.

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