day 264 – bird watching

bird watching


spent some time outside today bird watching.  i didn’t see a sign that prohibited feeding the birds or pigeons so i tossed them a pizza crust.  there were also a few mice scurrying around behind this bird and i threw him a pepperoni and he ate it.


6 thoughts on “day 264 – bird watching

  1. Aw Val, what a CUTE little birdie you captured!

    And I love it, because he’s looking right at ya!

    FAB close up shot!

    ” i threw him a pepperoni and he ate it.”

    HA! He’s probably an Italian bird who just flew in from Italy!

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


    • v says:

      yep, he was looking all around, turning the other way and finally i got a shot of him looking my way.

      actually the mouse ate the pepperoni. it was a little thing. i didn’t scream because he was tiny and never came out of the boxed area on to the pavement.

    • v says:

      i didn’t have my telephoto lens but was able to zoom in with what i had and they were pretty close. i did crop this shot a bit though.


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