day 267 – country hat

country hat


my day was no walk in the country.  quite the busy day and then after leaving work late, i went home briefly then off to open house or is it back to school night at the kid’s school.   all the teachers say the same thing: she’s quiet.  um, her parents are quiet, get over it, does she do her work is the question.

the kid says those teachers should be kissing her feet because she doesn’t give them trouble, call them names or curse at them like the other kids.  i thought that was funny.  there’s no way i could teach in a school today, i can’t stand disrespectful kids. i’d send everyone to the principal’s office.  my entire class would be in the hallway or suspended.

and why was one teacher handsome?

catch up tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “day 267 – country hat

  1. Love the composition in this photo, Val!

    And what cool hat!

    Yup…I’m not at all surprised to hear that about your lovely daughter. Knowing you and how you are, not only as my friend, but also how you are as a parent, I bet your daughter is adored by her teachers, and students as well. Because you taught her respect, integrity, and to take pride in her work. I bet she’s also very smart in her studies.

    I agree, there is no way I could be a teacher in schools today. No. Way.

    “and why was one teacher handsome?”


    You crack me up, girl!

    Have a super evening!


    • v says:

      i wonder if i took a photo of this hat before. i can’t remember.

      they want her to be more vocal in class….good luck with that teachers. lol she talks enough at home.

      kid tells me today that her teacher said some kind things about me and was asking where i work, etc. and she thinks he likes me. the one i wasn’t looking at. lol

      ron, i’m pooped. good night to you, sir.


  2. My kids were always labeled as quiet, too. I found it annoying! Yeah, there are some attractive teachers out there, not like when I was in school, when I just thought they were all old!

    • v says:

      i rather they tell me about her work and behavior. i can fix those with a stick. i had no attractive teachers growing up. not a one.


  3. ” all the teachers say the same thing: she’s quiet. um, her parents are quiet, get over it, does she do her work is the question.”


    And also – I could NEVER teach either. Screw that.

    • v says:

      yes, meleah.  that’s all they have to say, well not all, but she would rather they not focus on that.  she’s a good kid and if i were a teacher i would welcome the quiet ones. participation is another story.  she may need to participate more though.  

      they couldn’t pay me to teach. well maybe a financial class, but i would have a stick. a big stick.


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