day 268 – iphone fail


yesterday afternoon, for some reason, my phone stopped working.  after doing what troubleshooting i could, i called at&t and they couldn’t do anything either.  i was told to go to an at&t store to get a new sim card, which was supposed to be the problem.

i went to get a sim card today and the man behind the counter said it would cost $25. i told him not of my money and that this was my no spend week and i didn’t have any form of payment.  he called another at&t store for me, corporate headquarters or something like that, and asked if they replaced sim cards for free. the man on the phone said yes, so i drove to that store.

he exchanged my sim card and my phone still does not work.  i made an appt. at the apple store in short hills and have to take my phone there tomorrow. apparently it’s the phone or something inside that does not work. my phone may be a year old, but i paid for a year of apple care in addition to my warranty so everything should be taken care of or fixed for free.  they also have the option, if they can’t fix it of giving me a new phone.  whatever.

i’m less than thrilled, but hopefully everything will be fixed by tomorrow or either i will have a new phone.


10 thoughts on “day 268 – iphone fail

  1. “i told him not of my money and that this was my no spend week and i didn’t have any form of payment.”

    Good for you, Val! Don’t you love how these companies try and get you to pay extra for something, even though your item is still under warranty?

    I don’t have anything APPLE, but I have heard that Apple Care is very good at standing by their products and either fixing or replacing the item. And they should because I know that Apple Care is not cheap.

    Yup…I bet it will all be taken care of tomorrow 🙂


    • v says:

      yep, ron. the woman on the phone told me to go to that store. she should have told me a corporate store then i wouldn’t have had to be faced with spending money.

      yes, apple care is good. though i didn’t have to use it cause it’s still under the 1st warranty until november. then if anything happens after that i’ll have apple care for another year. normally i would not get the warranty, but this is my first iphone and i don’t know about these smart phones and how well they hold up or not. i needed a little more insurance. glad it’s there actually.

      yep, my phone is just as it was. probably better. there were other glitches i lived with.

    • v says:

      yep, i have it back, well they gave me a new one, but i backed up the old one this morning, so it’s like nothing happened. looks the same.

  2. Apple Care is THE BEST customer service, I’ve ever had.

    But – word of advice – DO NOT LET THEM UPGRADE YOUR PHONE to the iOS7 operating system! It’s AWFUL. And I’m actually on the hunt to downgrade my iPhone – to an older model – still running on iOS6!!

    • v says:

      if i didn’t get a new phone i would have had to get the upgrade. i’m still on 6 and will stay with it until i absolutely have to get 7. it’s ugly to me, i don’t care what the features are. it’s UGLY! hate the icons.

  3. I second MEleah…..ios7 on my iPad is horrible. Apps not working and it takes forever to download anything. I tried to switch back and you no longer can if you updated.

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