day 270 – 4 play

4 play


doesn’t get played at all!


6 thoughts on “day 270 – 4 play

  1. Okay Val, I don’t even know where to start about this photo because there is so much about it that I LOVE!

    Truly, this photo is out of this world – the composition, the focus and the LIGHTING! WOW! How did you get that lighting, is it from natural sunlight? And I love how the light hits that spot on the violin on the left side. It almost looks painting on.

    And I think you already know this, but the violin is my favorite instrument. Do you or your daughter play it? I know you play the guitar, but didn’t know if you played the violin as well.

    This photo looks like something you would see in a museum of musical instruments.

    Well done, girl. Well done!:)

    Have a super weekend!

    • v says:

      hey ron, thanks a bunch. actually that’s natural lamp light – it looks a little tungsten’ed out, i “fixed” the white balance in this photo

      man that thing is dusty and there’s a stain below the violin that won’t come out – on the wood – maybe it can be painted over but “ain’t nobody got time for that.” i actually may retake this photo and clean up the dust and try to do something about the stain so i can enter it in the art show i will be in in a few weeks.

      no, i don’t play the guitar anymore. i had several songs under my belt, but can’t remember how to play them. at. all. i want to play again, but my nails.

      this is my daugther’s violin and she probably doesn’t know how to play anymore either. we suck! 😉

      you enjoy too and this made for ron weather.

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