day 271 – hold me



this is what lazy gets me.  i spent most of the day in the bed and i’m not done.  tomorrow is not here and i already feel like it’s going to be another lazy day.


2 thoughts on “day 271 – hold me

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay…it’s the DANBOS!

    Val, this is just too CUTE! Love the ‘hold me’ pose. You make them look alive!

    Too-too cute!

    And hey, listen, it’s your day off, so why not spend it in bed, just chillin’ and being lazy? You deserve it!

    Enjoy your tomorrow, girl!

    And say Hi to the Danbos for me!


    • v says:

      i had bigger plans for the danbos than to stand there and hold each other. the year isn’t over.

      oh yes, the bed. good gaud, i was glued to it and i can’t wait to get back in it this evening. i’m still tired.

      the weather is nice out, hope you’re out there taking pics 😉

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