day 277 – ceja


found this beauty while i was outside yesterday.  brought it home and put it in water for today’s photo. i’ve never seen it before even though i’ve been to that location many times.  spent most of my day being a royal crab and peeps at work tried to cheer me up with jokes and brownies.  this joke made me laugh: how do you make a tissue dance?  you put a little boggie in it. i thought i heard it all, but not that one.  named the flower ceja after two of the peeps who tried to turn my frown upside down.  ce and ja are the first two letters of their names.  corny, i know.



4 thoughts on “day 277 – ceja

  1. Oh, and what a BEAUTY it is, Val! WOW! It’s truly breathtaking. And the way you photographed it MAKES the photo. I always love your focus in your images. It’s magical!

    “: how do you make a tissue dance? you put a little boggie in it”

    Bwhahahahahahhahaha! That was STELLAR! And I can’t wait to tell that joke at work tomorrow because they’re gonna love it!

    And love the name you came up with for the flower. Not corny at all, very CLEVER 🙂

    Happy Friday, girl. Have a faaaaaaaaabuloso weekend!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i haven’t seen anything like it, cute looking flower. this is my typical look for flowers, blurred background…

      i have to admit that joke made me smile and i shared it a few times. glad i have peeps to care enough to try to cheer me up, tho i probably made things difficult.

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