day 278 – newark ave

newark ave


okay, this is quite the sad photo and i took it from my car. feeling better than yesterday, spent most of the day in bed, then went out in the early afternoon until past my bedtime.  sometimes i think i’m a grown up.


4 thoughts on “day 278 – newark ave

  1. Wow…not a sad photo at all, Val. It’s awesome! You know me, I love urban images, especially ones like this where they show the grungy side. And your perspective on this shot is terrific! Love the telephone pole and wires.

    Glad you felt better today, girl. 🙂

    Tomorrow I have off, so I’ll be spending the day outside; enjoying the sun in the park.

    Have a super night!


    • v says:

      it’s sad. maybe i would like it more if not for the wires and the pole. thanks, ron. i like looking up.

      i so hope you enjoyed. i was going for a walk today but never made it.

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