day 279 – malus


original here

it could probably use a few more brush strokes, maybe thicker.


6 thoughts on “day 279 – malus

  1. Wow Val, that’s amazing! I looked at the original and then compared it to what you did with this photo and it truly DOES look like a painting!

    It’s perfect the way it is.

    Way to go, girl! Well done!

    Hope you had a great Sunday. I sat outside in the park and enjoyed the sun because tomorrow I hear we’re getting rain.


  2. v says:

    hey, ron. i had to upload and run, but i’m back so i can spend a few minutes more trying to get this photo the way i want it. i’ll compare the two and see which one i like best, but thanks for liking this one as is.

    my sunday was not too bad and i’m loving this weather. rain you say, tomorrow? i guess that’s okay because the weather has been great. it actually rained today here and i think we have clear skies, unless the forecast has changed.

    have a great night.

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