day 287 – lost in obx

This is so stupid but I got lost on the beach today. Obviously I can either go left or right but when walking back I couldn’t find the house we are staying in. The rental property number is different from the street address. I looked all over for rental 223, except there is none. We are rental property 209 and house number 223. Tomorrow I will be tying a ribbon around our steps that lead out to the beach. I had to call for help then was told to use the location feature on my iPhone to find out where I was in relation to where I needed to be.

I felt so stupid when I finally made it back to the house that I just sat on the porch to think about what an idiot I am and then spotted this spider web.


4 thoughts on “day 287 – lost in obx

  1. Val, I’m the same way, I have NO sense of direction. I actually have to THINK “right or left” if someone asks me for directions in the city. And I can’t tell you how many times I gave people the WRONG directions.

    Both of these photos, ROCK! WOW…incredible photo of the spider web! And I love the sky in that first shot!

    *two thumbs up*


    • v says:

      Ron it’s really sad and what’s bad is I thought I saw 223 in the back of the house the reason why I thought I knew where I was going. Will try again tomorrow.

    • v says:

      really. i mean really though. left right, not so hard, but i did it. at least i know why. won’t get lost again. i forgot about using my iphone. duh.

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