day 294 – shelter dog

shelter dog

i had the day off so i visited an animal shelter. i saw a status update on a local shelter’s facebook page that they were low on cat food, so i dropped off 3 bags and spent some time with the cats and dogs.  

my heart breaks for caged animals looking for a family. if i could adopt them all i would, however i’m afraid of pitbulls. i put in a request at two shelters to be a foster mom to a kitten or cat. hopefully i am approved and would be slightly hurt if i wasn’t.  

if i’m not fit to foster an animal, that’s low, but the requirements scare me and they want blood. well not really, but i do work full-time and they don’t like for pets to be home all day or for too long by themselves, that might be a problem. otherwise, i’m clean.

if i can’t be a foster mom, i will find some other way to volunteer. next year, hopefully, i want to purchase a dog (saving up for one now) if i can’t get one from a rescue.


6 thoughts on “day 294 – shelter dog

  1. Bless you Val for bringing bags of food for the kitties at the animal shelter 🙂

    And I know what you mean because I got my last cat from the shelter and I wanted to take them ALL home.

    I didn’t even realize you could be a foster for an animal, I thought the only thing you could do would be to adopt them. WOW and that’s some stringent requirement. I mean most people are not home during the day because they work.

    My mother used to do volunteer work for an animal shelter in Florida and really enjoyed it.

    Love the dog you want to adopt. Beautiful!


    • v says:

      it was my pleasure, ron. my kid carries cat food in her bag for stray cats, she has taught me well.

      oh yeah, you can foster and don’t have to keep them, until they get adopted, just like kids. i think the work thing might work against me, especially for a bottle fed kitten that needs to be fed every four hours. maybe i can get an older cat, but they have a plethora of kittens to get into homes.

      i would love to run my own shelter – one that doesn’t smell 😉

      oh that RR dog is awesome, when i read about it i thought the characteristics were so me. that dog challenges my once energized stamina and i want to challenge it. it loves exercise and i love walking and running when i can. i can see me racing my dog even though it can run 27-30 mph and jump a 4 foot fence easily. i can’t,

    • v says:

      it really is, bijoux. they come from the street, people who can no longer afford their pet or move, die, kill shelters, dog mills, strays. it’s horrible…but nice there are people who want to help.

      yesterday i was at kmart and the cashier asked if i wanted to donate to st. jude’s, just a buck. i said no, but i will gladly give to animals. i almost felt bad.

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