day 298 – money, money, money

money, money, money


if these were real, i’d still be on vacation.  they’re paper napkins. they look real, isn’t this against the law?


4 thoughts on “day 298 – money, money, money

  1. “if these were real, i’d still be on vacation.”

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA! OMG Val, these paper napkins are STELLAR! And can you imagine if they WERE real??

    I don’t know if this is against the law, but that’s a good question. I’ll have to Google that and see what it says.

    Grrrrreat photo!

    Have a SUPER weekend, girl$$$$$


    • v says:

      ronnie! what’s up my friend. they are kinda cool, but stop playing with me, i want them to be real. the last time i saw or even had a hundred dollar bill, i dropped it in newark penn station. my dumb butt went to lost and found to see if anyone turned it in. nope. ;(

      have a great evening. it was beautiful today, but now it’s chilly.

    • v says:

      true. heartbreaking that they are not real. i doubt i would spread my cash out like that and photograph it. seems so rapper-ish or criminal.

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