day 299 – let my will be done

letmy willbe done

i finally got a draft copy of my living will, last will and testament (trust), and power of attorney in the mail from my estate planning attorney.  nothing like dying in peace with my affairs in order, right? not a fun topic, but necessary.

i don’t know if my family will respect my wishes, but i want the cheapest casket, a pine box, in which to be buried. if i could rent a casket for an hour, i would, then have my body dumped in the ocean. why put good money in the ground for something no one will ever see again. i will be cheap, even in death!  this might be ghetto, but if it saves a dollar, holla at your girl, just keep it moving!


6 thoughts on “day 299 – let my will be done

    • v says:

      i should go that route, but i was thinking my body, my poor six pack (lol) but i’ll be dead right. hmm. i’ll have to discuss this one. yay, finally. it should have been done, but nope.

  1. Brava, Val! I need to do this same thing. In fact, my brother and I have been talking about this lately because it takes a lot of stress off of “when the time comes.”

    You’re right, it might not be a pleasant thought or fun topic, but necessary.

    Like Bijoux, I want to be cremated. Both my mother and father were, and it’s so much cheaper.

    Great photo of your will!

    *two thumbs up*


    • v says:

      yes, ron. if anything, at least a living will. that way your family will know your wishes should you not be able to speak or are in a coma.

    • v says:

      yep. it’s necessary if you want certain things to happen in the event you can’t speak for yourself. also i have a minor, so i want to make sure, even though i know she will be, she is taken care of. i don’t have to worry about that, but it would be irresponsible of me not to have things in place.

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