day 308 – tea and crumb cake

tea and crumb cakes


it’s been a busy day, but finally (a few minutes ago) tonight i sat down to have some tea and crumb cake before bed. to the left is my favorite mug (for at least 5 years) and it’s the only mug i use for hot beverage drinks. i hate breaking streaks. 😉


8 thoughts on “day 308 – tea and crumb cake

  1. Val, I love when you post FOOD photos because it always makes my mouth water and want whatever it is you posted about – HA

    Like….tea and crumb cake! Yummy 🙂 Is their anything more heavenly? My favorite part of crumb cake is the cinnamon and nutmeg. Faaaaaabulous!

    And I’m so diggin’ your mug – The Thinker!

    I have about four mugs, but like you I have my favorite one that I use traditionally every morning when I have my coffee. And can you believe I got it at the Dollar Store?

    Sleep tight!



    • v says:

      hey ron, food photos, to me, look best in natural lighting. i used florescent lighting. the tea and crumb cake was delicious though. that’s my thinking out loud blog mug. i wonder if i should get that blog going again or let it go. i’ve been writing, but don’t know if i can keep it up.

      nothing wrong with a dollar store mug.

      • ” i wonder if i should get that blog going again.”


        *doing the happy dance*

        Maybe if you start it up again, you can just write once or twice a week. Please let me know if you do because I’ll be there!


    • v says:

      this is actually my first time, bijoux having stash tea. never heard of it. i bought it because…drum roll please………it was on sale. 😉

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