day 310 – don’t forget to write

don't forget to write


the paper underneath the bottle was made with this. mine is from elephant.



5 thoughts on “day 310 – don’t forget to write

  1. Val, you are so clever and talented, girl!

    Love your post title AND photograph. It’s AWESOME! The lighting and focus adds such a wonderful feel to the image.

    “Message in a bottle.”

    Well done. WELL done!


    • v says:

      ron, i guess if i “apply” myself i could be something i suppose. thanks. i already have a “message in the bottle” photo so i had to come up with something else. and i used the same bottle. OMW.

    • v says:

      no prob, but now i want to hear every breath you take. i wonder if they sang the song i’m thinking of. haven’t heard of the one above. thanks.

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